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climbing Toubkal and Atlas mountains

Trekking experiences for everyone ... From beginners to experienced enthusiasts ... in every season.

Whether you are interested in a day trek with friends, or a full-on winter or summer hiking expedition, we have a trip waiting for you!

Trekking is the popular sightseeing activity in Morocco, and just 1h30mn from Marrakech. The experience of treks through high Atlas villages meeting the locals, learning their cultures and natural views on the way along are considered once in a life time experience. The Toubkal massif landscape with varying altitudes up to 4000 meters for trekking at various destinations are to experience true Morocco lifestyle of indigenous Berber people, their civilization and their environment.

Why choose Toubkal and trekking in high Atlas of Morocco?

The Toubkal is a mountain range of exceptional beauty and culture interest but still relatively little visited a fact which makes the Atlas, to our mind, a far more exciting proposition than the other place in Morocco. Add to that the extraordinary hospitality of the local Berber people, the rich texture of South Moroccan life and the exotic allure of Marrakech, and you will begin to see a growing number of trekkers are choosing to climb this great range which the ancient Greeks thought to be the home of Atlas.

Find out which treks in Morocco will be the best for you and meets your preferences:

- A trek in southern Morocco for all levels and all tastes.

- Distinctive Private Tailored guided Treks.

- Trekking in High Atlas, Desert and Berber villages.

You can also find what we can offer for every destination via this page.

Our Team:

Will make you discover the south of Morocco in full safety as you wish it. With our knowledge during our trekking in Morocco of the natural environment and the local culture, we will assure you a perfect immersion in the heart of these parks and the diversity of its areas and the local population. You will see smooth the secret life of the nation in all facets Toubkal massif Mountains.

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Trails Options:

Here one finds diversity and challenge, beauty and adventure. But the route trekking you decide to pursue will depend on a number of factors: The season and your level of fitnes. If you want to reach the roof of North Africa, make for Toubkal; if you want to drink tea in the ancient Berber village go to climb in the green valleys in the south of Morocco.

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Locals & Mountain villages

During your climb in Morocco's Atlas mountains, you will discover many villages. They are in general built by stones or by earth mix with water. They have the same colour as the mountain because we use the same materials we find on the same place for building. You will meet only Berber people. Those are first people living in North Africa. There language is Berber.They still keeping there traditions.

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All year round tours are available and of any duration :

For Individuals , Families and Groups of any size - Trekking all year round.

We also offer:

* Day and Half Day Tours in Imlil and High Atlas from Marrakech.

* Trekking with a focus on the Culture and Heritage of our Destinations.

* Feature Special Interest and Activity Trekking in south of Morocco.

* The knowledge of qualified mountain guides to discover the riches of Morocco.

* Tour Packages for Independent Travelers in Toubkal range.

* Multi Destination Treks to discover any combination of our four host Areas.

* Small trekking trails accessible to all, even children.

* Ladies Only and Senior Citizen Trekking.

* Tour Packages for Any Specific Client Programs/Requests.


We are a local agency based in High Atlas mountains, So:

- We think about Economic impact: We suggest using local services to arrange any trekking in Morocco, so, think about where the money you spend will go. Where possible, inject what you have set aside for your holiday directly into the local economy. Observe standard fees. Tipping is normally expected. Maintain good relations - We think about Environmental impact: please do not pollute the Atlas with waste while trekking in morocco. All waste has some consequence. Each individual trekker should play his or her part in disposing of waste or removing it from the mountains. Keep water clean, simple GREEN routines will prevent water contamination which might lead to serious problems further downstream. Protect plant an avoid erosion by staying on the main trail and respecting fields and crops. - We think about Cultural impact: During your trekking in Morocco, respect holy places. Do not give to beggars, you will be pestered with demands for sweets, medicine and money but you should not give in. Encouraging begging fosters a dependent attitude which in the long-run can be very damaging to the culture and economy. But if you want to help you might be better to contact village leaders who will apply your gift to where it is most useful. Respect local customs.

About Company

- Specialist travel on foot in Morocco for more than seven years experience of trekking, still innovative today, professional guides trained long.

- we takes charge of you as soon as you arrive to the Marrakech airport, and takes you back to the plane when you leave.

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Our services

- Walking and trekking on mule paths, tracks, or sand. 5 to 6 hours per day : hikes within the reach of anybody who likes walking, without necessarily being sporty.

- Acommodation in Riad in Marrakech; In igloo tents for 2 persons during the tour, or in Berber guest houses.

- You will have the opportunity to enjoy typically Moroccan meals (tajine, couscous,Salads...).

Why Trekking with us

We have extensive experience in the organisation of incoming groups to the Morocco. also well qualified to guide tours to differents area in all over Morocco. We run environmental to demonstrate how sustainable tourism can work. We protect the natural environment and local culture and traditions. We create opportunities for local people in tourism destinations.

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