Multi day trekking

We run this multi day trip on require throughout all the year. The treks take place in south of Morocco on 3 different areas: Atlas mountains, desert and Atlantic coast of Essaouira. With these 3 destinations you can choose a long distance walk or a multi-day trip more enjoyable. Contact us and we will help you to decide which trip and when to come. Also, we will provide examples of some of our more popular walks of both 4 and 7 day duration.

* The high Atlas is the biggest mountain in Morocco and in north Africa, containing all the highest peaks, is by far the most popular region of trekkers. This mountain is about 700km longer fro the Atlantic Ocean to the border between Algeria and Morocco. And it is about 110km larger. The High Atlas is divided on three parts: the Oriental high Atlas (3747m) in Ayyachi. Central high Atlas (4070m) in Mgoun. The occidental high Atlas (4167m) in Toubkal.

* The Sahara is where we can discover the Moroccan desert and meet the nomads. It will be will discover on foot slowly where the Sahara penetrates this grand landscape. With our Berber or Saharan team every trek sets out to become a camel hike at a slow rhythm of a caravan, with its camping sites in the middle of palm groves or near wells where nomads tend to meet. It is here under the stars and the grand silence of the Sahara that the magic of the desert impregnates us….

* The Atlantic coast is the longuest sea in Morocco. A camel ride on an exceptional wild coast to the rhythm of the tides and the winds. Our hikes are organised in a spirit of friendly encounters with the Berber population : You’ll be living on a daily basis with our team that is prepared to share with you their knowledge of the region and its traditions and their experience of organising your hike. The presence of the dromedaries makes it an unforgettable experience. The mules will carry your luggage and all the logistics during the trek, to ensure a smooth and yet active holiday.


Trekking in high Atlas mountains and Discover the Berber valleys

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DAY 1:   MARRAKECH - IMLIL - SIDI CHAMHAROUCH - TOUBKAL REFUGE. Early morning departure from your hotel in Marrakech for a pleasantly exhilarating 2hour drive south up through the Tizi n'Techt and the Berber trailhead village of Imlil (1740m), known as Morocco's 'Little Chamonix', with streams and paths branching out in all directions. Here we shall leave our vehicle to take a welcome glass of mint tea in our gîte d'étape prior to setting out towards the south along the Aït Mizane Valley and the stark mountain slopes to the Berber villages of Aroumd (Aremd) (1843m), whose pisé terraced housing perch on a moraine spur, through Taourirt, Targa and Imoula to the equally-quaint sacred village of Sidi Chamharouch, set beside a waterfall and small stream with its terraced pisé homes seemingly built chaotically one on top of another. Here we shall stop for our welcome picnic, prior to setting out up steep mule tracks to the Toubkal (ex Neltner) Refuge (3207m) which incidentally sets the spring snow level. This has been a hard day's hike and, whilst dinner is being prepared and accommodation set up in the Refuge, you might just like to stroll around the surrounding slopes in anticipation of tomorrow's hard climb.
DAY 2:   TOUBKAL REFUGE - JBEL TOUBKAL SUMMIT - TIZI N'OUNOUMS - TOUBKAL REFUGE. A very early breakfast to set out at around 5 in the morning to attain, after a 3hour steep climb, the highest peak in the Maghreb (4167m). The panorama from the summit is simply stunning. This remarkable climb and view is really worth the effort. The first recorded climb of this peak (in 1923) was made by the French mountaineers V. Berger, M. Doubleau and the intrepid Marquis de Segonzae. Whenever you are ready, we shall descend via the Ikkhibi Sud - or South Circuit - for a straightforward (with your guide) 2 to 3 hour descent back to the Refuge and our picnic. This afternoon, we shall take a gentle hike south-eastwards up for a couple of hours to the head of the Assif Aït Mizane Valley and Tizi n'Ounoums (3664m) which, from this high point, gives us a tremendous view of the trail we've covered and of the distant cobalt green outline of Lake Ifni. When ready, we return to the Toubkal refuge for our welcome dinner and overnight accommodation in the Refuge.
DAY 3:   TOUBKAL REFUGE - TIZI N'AGUELZIM - TISSI OUSSEM. An early breakfast and we set off towards the north-west up, down and along the stark slopes via winding mule tracks to the Tizi n'Aguelzim (3560m) affording us yet another spectacular view of jagged peaks and verdant valleys. From here we trek down for some 3 hours via some 72 hairpin, zigzagging tracks to the Âazib Tamsoult (2145m), where we shall picnic by a stream prior to visiting the Tamsoult (also known as Irhoulidene) Cascade (2200m) and on to our dinner and accommodation this night in a gîte d'étape (1800m).

DAY 4:   TISSI OUSSEM - TIZI M'ZIK - IMLIL - MARRAKECH.After breakfast, and with the remarkable Jbel Toubkal at our backs, we set off northwards along winding mule tracks worn into the stark slopes up to the Tizi M'Zik (2664m). Once through the col, we shall stop for our picnic near the Berber village of M'Zik with the beautiful Imlil Valley and the Adrars Algouli and El Hajj around us. From M'Zik, we strike out towards the east for some 3 hours along winding mule tracks to the trailhead village of Imlil (1740m), a welcome glass of mint tea awaiting us prior to our rejoining our transport to take us back to Marrakech by around 3pm.


Multi walking days in Desert

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Day 1: Marrakech, Tichka Col , Ouarzazate, Zagora Dunes, Nesrate – 7 hours 30 min drive: Departure early to the famous Tichka Col at 2260 m, the highest road  in Morocco, coffee break then ongoing to Ouarzazate. Lunch in a local restaurant then on to Ait Saoune and finally the beginning of the Draa Valley and its large 200 kms grove, by Agdez sikht tan and beautiful fortified villages on base and barren mountain grove. Descend to Oued Draa Zagora then continue to Nesrate Dunes. Camp will be set up at the foot of the first Sand Dunes and then have dinner and briefing before relaxing for our first night in the desert and we meet the camels and their cameleers.

Day 2: Dunes Nesrate, Tidiri Dunes, Camp - 14 kms Dismantle our tents, have our breakfast, load the camels and departure towards the Nesrate village and Isfoul palm, gently climb on small dunes to reach the oasis of Oulad Driss for lunch. At Marabout Sidi Saleh Zaouiat oasis, lunch at the foot of a palm. Reload the camels again, cross the river and reach the Draa camp, a beautiful camp among the dunes of sand. Sunset watch.

Day 3: Tidiri Dunes, Bono Dunes, Camp - 15 kms, Breakfast then departure, cross a dozen long dunes towards Draa Oued and the great plateau to escape to the beautiful dunes right of Draa. Lunch under a Tamaris tree, little shade (mounting tent to avoid wind and make a little shade) Continue to Regabi, a total of 15 kms. Watch the stars after dinner, simply amazing!

Day 4: Regabi, Bono Dunes, South Mhamid Bougaiwar -15 kms We penetrate further into the desert always on the left bank of Draa Oued, beside Dunes, we leave the village to the right and then go to Bono Mhamid village to the most beautiful Bougaiwar dunes. Camp. Sleep out under the stars.

Day 5: Dunes Bougaiwar, Palmeraie Mhamid Mezouaria Dunes Camp - 16kms Again we walk towards the Grand South for 1 hour and gradually we will go west to the south of the M'hamid Palm, leaving the Draa river. Lunch under a palm tree and in the afternoon we head towards Mezouaria dunes, 10 km west of M'hamid Camp. As it's our last night in the Desert we may have a treat or 2 for you.

Day 6: Mezouaria dunes, Oulad Driss, 3 hours trek then drive to Marrakech Hotel – 8 hours We get up early, we cross a plateau of some small dunes and finally reach the M'hamid village or Oulad Driss oasis to find the Taxi that will take us to Zagora for lunch. Then return by the same road and take direction to Marrakech where we arrive in the evening. Celebration Meal where I promise that the end scene from "Ice Cold In Alice" when they sit down for a beer is pretty much bang on the money!! Enjoy excellent food and a Belly Dancer, then a well-earned night at the Hotel.


Hiking along the Atlantic coast

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Day 1 : Arrival in Marrakech - Chichaoua --- Imssouane (Atlantic coast) .
Welcome provided at the airport of Marrakech. We go through Chichaoua to reach the tip of Imessouane where we find our camel team. We load the luggage. From Imessouane , frequented by surfers , walking 3 hours and camp at Amderdiz'in . The place is known for its beautiful sunsets. 3 hours of walking.

Day 2: Amderdiz'in - Tafedna
We are in a mountainous landscape, rocky land covered with Argan forest . During our hike, we passed through several small villages surrounded by planted fields of barley, we meet the Berber Haha . A beautiful day, over beaches and coves sometimes inaccessible stunning ocean views. Night in Tafdna, a fishing village. 6 hours of walking.

Day 3: Tafedna - Sidi Ahmed Assayh
Through Tafedna former Portuguese fishing port town today , we go to a tray covered with argan . Here , goats climb trees and eat the leaves . The coastline is rugged and wild. In the distance, fishermen on their small boats. We then descend to the sea, then walk along the coast to house in Sidi Ahmed Assayh (wells ) , the most beautiful beach in the area . 6 hours of walking.

Day 4: Sidi Ahmed Assayh - Sidi M'BAREK
We continue along the rugged coast from the cliff and cross the small Berber villages. We are invited by the inhabitants to take tea with cakes and argan oil. Arrival in the dunes - unique landscape - the assif n'Boud , a small river leading to the sea Colorful boats are drawn on the sand. Overnight home stay close to the beach, next to waterfalls Sidi M'BAREK , a very nice site bordered by a dune. There remains a large part of the afternoon and evening to enjoy the sea 5 hours of walking.

Day 5: Sidi M'BAREK - Essaouira.
This morning will be free for good swimming beach on this clear.
In the afternoon a short transfer by minibus will enable us to arrive at Mogador (Essaouira) and directly to our Riad (with double rooms with hot showers).
The evening will be devoted to visiting the narrow streets of the Medina

Day 6 : Essaouira - Marrakech
Visit the beautiful city of Essaouira ( World Heritage UNESCO ), the former Mogador , fishing port founded by the Portuguese and then conquered by the French , medina , its narrow streets, white houses with blue doors and windows .

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